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Access YOUR Greatness!...





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"One day you will wake up
and decide to be YOU...

– that is the day where it will
be impossible for you to fail"

The smiling face of Steve M Nash...Hello, my name is Steve M Nash. And I've created this website, and the 7 Ways to Access Your Greatness program below, to help you and me both realise that WE ARE ENOUGH! As is, right now...

I believe greatness is in all of us - as well as more modest things like "innate health" and wellbeing - and when we access it, acknowledge it, allow it to be - then we have NO need to rely on other people, other situations or circumstances, for our 'salvation'...


We Interrupt This Broadcast To Give You The Following Update

Steve here. It's 2018, and I've decided to interrupt this homepage 'broadcast' with this news: I've decided to 'retire' this website.

Not that 'greatness' isn't a grand adventure to 'pursue' - nor the idea of selling information via an E-Course or program - but my seeking both served its purpose pretty much immediately I created the site in 2012.

Meaning: I created this website to help others find their greatness. In doing so, I came across the so-called Inside-Out Understanding (as shared by Michael Neill) - an understanding I thought might be 'useful' for this website, and the courses and programs I meant to create here.

Not only was the understanding useful, though, it made looking for 'greatness' obsolete and I stopped putting energy into this site pretty much immediately afterwards (end of 2012)...

Hence, my retirement of this website (that and the EU GDPR privacy requirements that came into play in May, 2018 - see privacy statement.)


Hmm, this isn't coming out how I wanted it to. Essentially:

  • This site, its resources and email courses is no more!
  • Because the Inside-Out Understanding is a much better pointer to truth than some notion of 'greatness'
  • GREATNESS IS WITHIN US ALL - and the 3 Principles understanding (aka Inside-Out Understanding) is the best pointer to that greatness (to the truth of who we are) that I have come across
  • Hence this site is no more
  • But this site (dedicated to 'transformation') lives on - www.smnash.com



Still Interested In Greatness?

If you'd like to know about 'greatness' - the greatness within, the wisdom within, the truth that lies within - then you could do a whole lot worse than check out the following pages of my SMNash.com blog/website:

  1. About The 3 Principles Understanding - you could do a lot worse than join my Daily Reset E-zine (get a daily reminder of this Inside-Out Understanding, written by me too! :-)

  2. About "Remembering the 'Happiness Within' (5 years after coming up with the idea of creating a paid program, via InspireGreatnessNow.com, this course on Teachable represents the second iteration of my first ever paid-for program). NOTE: 'happiness within' might not sound like greatness, but don't be fooled: it is!)

  3. And, "A Year in the Life of a Conscious Soul (Called You) - 365 Conscious Living Quotes" - a book of inspirational quotes that I created recently that you might just like...


Thank you

Thanks for visiting the site, anyway. Kind of you to pop by, and all that. This site'll stay here for a while, until I get bored maybe. Or until some other kind of 'requirement' proves to be unavoidable and the best option is to delete...

We shall see.

Until then, remember these wise words (below):

"Everything we do in life...
Is it not just a game?
– Gururaj Ananda Yogi


Steve (SITES <at> smnash.com)
(May 30th, 2018)