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"One day you will wake up
and decide to be YOU...

– that is the day where it will
be impossible for you to fail"

The smiling face of Steve M Nash...Hello, my name is Steve M Nash. And I've created this website, and the 7 Ways to Access Your Greatness program below, to help you and me both realise that WE ARE ENOUGH! As is, right now...

I believe greatness is in all of us - as well as more modest things like "innate health" and wellbeing - and when we access it, acknowledge it, allow it to be - then we have NO need to rely on other people, other situations or circumstances, for our 'salvation'...


...Greatness is not about being perfect, instead:

  • Know it's okay to fail
  • Know it's okay to be wrong
  • Know it's okay to look foolish...
  • KNOW, innately so, that YOU ARE ENOUGH

7 Ways to Access Your Greatness encourages all this, and more!...

  • Play Greatness Games
  • Access Greatness States
  • 21 emails, 21 days

"Everything we do in life...
Is it not just a game?
– Gururaj Ananda Yogi

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